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Magic League
Free online Magic: the Gathering league with tournaments and casual game play with Apprentice and Magic Workstation. Magic-League has guides, top decks, online ratings and team play. Magic-League - Free Online Magic: the Gathering Play

Magic Suitcase
Magic Suitcase is a free card inventory and deck building program for Magic Card collection. Magic Suitcase - Card Inventory and Deck-Building Software

Magic the Creation
Magic, the Creation - Create your own Magic, the Gathering card. Fill in the card details and bring it to life. You will see how your own Fantasy Card will look like when it really gets printed. card, magic, fantasy, gathering, creation, create, really, look, your, coast,...

Magic the Database
Magic The Database is a freeware application for Magic: the Gathering trading card game enthusiasts. Manage your M:tG collection, build decks, advanced search queries. Windows 95982000 software. Magic the Database Windows 9598 freeware for Magic the Gathering® trading card game deck building b...

MakeAppr (Apprentice Update)
MakeAppr - utility for Apprentice MakeAppr by ToGu (

MTG Studio
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