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Council of Elrond
Lord of the Rings News and Information Council of Elrond :: Lord of the Rings News and Information

The best online source for movies, movie times, movie trailers, entertainment news, celebrity photos, box office, celebrity interviews and movie reviews. Hollywood.com : Your entertainment source for movies, movie times, movie reviews, celebrities, celebrity photos and celebrity news.

Killer Movies
The latest movie news on all the upcoming movies, with thousands of trailers and a huge film database. KillerMovies.com :: Movies That Matter!

Lord of the Rings Costumes
Lord of the Rings movie costume discussion. We are seriously studying the details of the Lord of the Rings costumes from fabrics to patterns to accessories. We study everything from elvish costumes to hobbit clothing and everything in between. This site has all our research and links to even more.

Library of Moria
The Library of Moria is a Lord of the Rings slash and RPS fanfiction archive, organized by pairing and author and accepting of all ratings. The Library of Moria: Lord of the Rings Slash and RPS Fanfiction Archive

Orlando Bloom
All about the British actor Orlando Bloom. Including extensive multimedia gallery, pictures, bio and much more. Full Bloom Net - Welcome to our Orlando Bloom Fan Site

Beyond the Movie
Go behind The Lord of the Rings and explore the history, myth, and cultural forces that inspired Tolkien's book. Photos, time lines, maps, more. National Geographic Beyond the Movie: Lord of the Rings

Mailorder company that focusses on collectible cards like Magic the Gathering, statues, swords and boardgames. Gameforce

Lord of the Rings Posters
Posters van Lord of the Rings rings, poster, lord, matthews, this, rodney, ringwraiths, gandalf, inspirational, 1978, motivational, ring, hobbits, astrology, astronomy, river, vintage, people, images, humor ...

Sean Bean
Sean Bean The Compleat Sean Bean