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Dread Design
the home of dread designs longskates, pics of new boards, 2nd hand gear, action pics, product reviews, skates made by members, you'll find it all here, so join the community :) Dread Designs Longskates

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Discussions about Longboard and Slalom Skateboards in Switzerland - Startseite

Ncdsa is an active online community of downhill skateboarders that features lively discussion forums covering slalom, longboarding, speedboarding, street luge, pools & parks, as well as equipment reviews on all the latest gear. Renowned for its freewheeling pub-like atmosphere, it’s a plac...

Riderz, la communautés francophones des sports de glisse - par les riders pour les riders - Sur le forum retrouvait duskateboard , longskate , surf , snowboard, bodyboard ,wakeboard ...

Silverfish Longboarding is a longboard skateboarding magazine with Longboards, Reviews, forums, articles, photos, and tip tricks, the ultimate resource for Downhill Skateboarding, Slalom and Sliding Silverfish Longboarding - The Longboard Skateboard Community - Front Page


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