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Auto Express (10/2006)
The Lexus GSh is starting to prove that it's cool to go green To be perfectly honest, fashion and I have never really appeared particularly comfortable together - but even I know that, when it comes to trends in motoring, green is the new black. Lexus GS450h SE-L | Long Term Tests | Car Reviews...

AutoRai (05/2006)

AutoWeek (02/2006)
Op de Salon van Genève zullen niet alleen de Lexus LS 460 en de GX 300 hun Europese debuut maken, maar in de Zwitserse stad zal ook de wereldpremière plaatsvinden van de eerste hybride luxe sedan, de GS 450h. - Eerste hybride luxe sedan: Lexus GS 450h

AutoZine (05/2006)
Autozine - Autotest: Lexus GS450h

CARKeys (05/2006)
The question is, do you want to be green or be seen to be green? Lexus has launched a high-performance version of its sleek and elegant GS sport saloon range called the 450h which uses a combination of petrol and electricity to pump up the power and cut down on pollution. UK motoring, motoring ... (10/2006)
2007 Lexus GS 450h Test Drive: Redefining the Hybrid ... Again Lexus takes the gasolineelectric hybrid to new levels of sophistication with its well-executed GS 450h sedan. 2007 Lexus GS 450h Review -

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