carroll, de wiskundige [ lewiscarroll ]

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Carroll's monkey puzzle
puzzel31-2 Brainteasers 3

Carroll's paradox
A Paradox of Logic by Lewis Carroll, from the Platonic Realms Interactive Math Encyclopedia. Carroll's Paradox (PRIME)

Lewis Carroll als wiskundige
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832-1898) Dodgson summary

Lewis Carroll op Cut-the-knot
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Lewis Carroll puzzles
3E Lewis Carroll Puzzles

Lewis Carroll: The math page

Mathematics with Alice
Educational site which teaches Mathematics the creative and FUN way! Surfers journey through Mathland with Alice, the girl from Wonderland, picking up mathematical knowledge along the way. Come on in! This site has won numerous web awards! Mathematics with Alice

On cats and rats
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The game of logic
Lewis Carroll - The Game of Logic Lewis Carroll - The Game of Logic

Wiskunde in Wonderland
Kennislink - Wiskunde in Wonderland

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