living statues movies 2 [ levende-standbeelden ]

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» Cologne Cathedral
There are a lot of people who dress up and pose as statues in front of the Cologne Cathedral. If you donate some coins, they will move a bit.... 7 aug. 2006. Living statue with little girl at Cologne Cathedral

» Epcot Moving Statue
A video of the living statue in Epcot. Read Ratings and reviews of all things disney at 26 jun. 2006. Epcot Moving Statue

» Kids Statues
Rijnfestijn Living statues, tijdens het rijnfestijn: Kids Statues Arnhem 2006 (8 tot 16 jaar), Wereldkampioenschap Living statues, World S.... 26 aug. 2006. Kids Statues Arnhem 2006

» The Living Statues
“The Living Statue”: show has entertained millions at the Casino Paris, LV, Walt Disney World-Epcot, FL, Disneyland Tokyo, the Borgatta Casi.... 12 sep. 2006. The Living Statues

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