living statue movies 1 [ levende-standbeelden ]

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» Arnhem 2006
World Statues 2006 Arnhem The Dutch WK Living Statues - World Statues Arnhem 2006, part of the Arnhem Rijnfestijn. Living Statues from countries like USA, Sp... YouTube - Living Statues - Dutch World Statues World Championship

» Live Statue
cool man posing as statue YouTube - Live Statue

» Living Statue
a living statue in gunwharf quays, look out for my happy face ^_^ YouTube - Living Statue

» Madrid
Living statue thanks after having received a coin.Madrid, Calle de la Sal, near Plaza Mayor.September 20, 2006. YouTube - Living statue in Madrid

» Michigan Ren Faire
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

» Rembrandt
Living statue Rembrandt from Holland...Living statues is an agency that specializes in still standing and moving performing arts...The realistic creatures sc... YouTube - "a living statue"

» Statue
This guy was amazing. I stayed and watched him until our school group went to dinner, which was about 15-30 minutes. [he was right outside the restaurant]Ver... YouTube - Living Statue

» Statue vorm Dom
Die lebende Statue vorm Dom - MyVideo

» The Robot
Here is a live statue we came across in Lisbon Portugal. Check out the way this guy moves at the end. He reminds me of one of those really cheap electronic d... YouTube - Live Statue Doing The Robot!

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