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Adobe Alliance, TX
adobe alliance, building resource, adobe mud, earth building, adobe building, construction, dirt homes, earth architecture, solar building, earth building, adobe workshop, adobe domes and vaults Adobe Alliance - News

Adobe Builder, NM
Interámerica's adobe builder-your portal to adobe homes, adobe houses, rammed earth homes, pressed block houses, solar design and green building. Offering back-pacs of Adobe Builder Magazine, Earthbuilder's Encyclopedia CD-ROM, Southwest solaradobe classes, and affordable house plans Building a...

Arikara Lodge, ND
Virtual Archaeologist

B.E.S.T., MD
Building Environmental Science and Technology (B.E.S.T.)- consulting firm providing national green building & energy efficiency consulting services. Building Environmental Science & Technology (B. E. S. T.)

Californian Institute Earth Art.
CalEarth Forum

Canelo Project, AZ
A small non-profit dedicated to the exploration and education of natural, local and artistic building techniques Workshops in straw bale, earthen and lime plasters, earth floors, and natural paints. Development of low cost houses in the US and Mexico. THE CANELO PROJECT

Clara's House
Springfield-Greene County Library -- Bittersweet

Cob Cottage Company, OR
News | Cob Cottage Company

Cornerstones, NM
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Dream Green Houses
Dream Green Homes is your complete source for alternative, sustainable, green or natural home plans Dream Green Home Plans

Drowned Earth Lodges, ND
Earth lodges: built by Hidatsa, Mandan, Arikara river valley Plains agriculturalists. Part of Pre-contact Native north American housing types, illustrations, maps, construction methods, cultural, historical info. EARTH LODGE: Hidatsa, Mandan, Arikara traditional large earth-sheltered Plains homes

Earth Architecture
Earth Architecture

Earth Heaven Ecovillage, NC
About Earthaven Ecovillage, an intentional communty, and educational programs on building a sustainable future Earthaven Ecovillage - Building a Sustainable Intentional Community

Earth House Com
Earth House

Earth Lodge Building
Earth Lodge Building

Environm. Protection Agency
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Green Earth Builders
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Green Home Building, CO focuses on sustainable architecture, natural building, solar energy, ecology, water and forest conservation, recycling, greenhouses, adobe, cob, strawbale, cordwood, papercrete, earthbag and vernacular architecture, with related resources of books, videos and links. Green ...

Green Homes For Sale
Green Real Estate Environmental Homes Eco Homes Green Real Estate For Sale Eco Real Estate for Sale Environmental Real Estate For Sale Sustainable Real Estate Green Home For Sale Green Homes Environmental Green Homes For Sale Green Home For Sale Green Building Green Home Environment Green Homes...

Hank's House unearthed
Villagers > Hank's House 1 Main

House Alive, OR
House Alive is an educational enterprise focused on Natural Building, including Cob, Strawbale and other forms of Natural Building. We offer Cob workshops, Natural Building Workshops, training and consulting. Please review our site to find a cob workshop that fits your natural building goals. ...

Huston Rammed Earth
Huston Rammed Earth has been the Rammed Earth specialists in the Southwest for nearly 30 years. Rammed Earth by Huston Rammed Earth of New Mexico

Jose Maria Alviso Adobe, CA
Jose Maria Alviso Adobe,Santa Clara County, California -- National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary

Lehmberg Winery, Texas
Lehm Berg Winery

Los Angeles Adobes

Mandan Earth Lodge
Hundreds of interactive illustrations, color photos, and historic art, with in-depth text by today's leading Lewis and Clark scholars. Mandan Lodge

Meteor Vineyards Guesth., CA
Cutler Anderson Architects

Mulecreek Adobe, NM
Mule Creek Adobe

Natural Building Colloquium
Natural sustainable low cost construction methods such as strawbale, earthen materials, natural-timber, -stone, and -plasters, recycled materials, and more Natural Building Colloquium

Pawnee Earth Lodge
Pawnee Earth Lodge: Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer

Pot Creek Site, Taos, NM
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Quentin Wilson Blog
The Quentin Wilson adobe building resource, the mud not the software. Adobe mud, earth building, adobe building, construction, NNMC construction course, dirt homes, earth architecture, solar building, earth building, adobe workshop, adobe domes and vaults Quentin Wilson Adobe Resource - News

Rammed Earth Blogspot
Rammed Earth is for Everyone

Rammed Earth Devel., AZ
Rammed Earth

Rammed Earth Works, CA
Rammed Earth Works

Rural Studio, Alabama
rural studio

Seven Generations Build., CA Teaching Workshops in Cob, Strawbale, and Natural Building.

Soledad Canyon Earth Build.
Rammed Earth, Adobe & Framed Home Builders- Las Cruces & Southern New Mexico Rammed Earth Homes by Soledad Canyon Earth Builders - Las Cruces, New Mexico

Surfin' Strawbale
Surfin' StrawBale


TX Earthen Dwelling Ass.
The Texas Earthen Dwelling Structures Association is a community in individuals dedicated to the purpose of furthering knowledge about and construction of Earthen Dwelling Structures texas earthen dwelling structures association

Walls of Earth
Rammed Earth Houses Rammed Earth Construction

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