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Architect Vishwanath,
Chitra Vishwanath, a Bangalore based architect who designs homes as well as commercial buildings with environmentally sound and cost effective materials Chitra Vishwanath - Architect based in Bangalore, India

Auroville Earth Institute aims to bringing awareness about earth architecture and technologies, and know more about the wonderful possibilities of the earth as a building material. Auroville Earth Institute - Our Mother Earth gave us two challenges that are how to build with earth on a large sc...

Canadese Elke bouwt in India provides instruction and construction on building your very own cob building. : Photos from India 2004

Een school in Ladakh
The Building Department at ArchitectureWeek, the new magazine of design and building, serving architecture online like never before. ArchitectureWeek - Building - Building a School in India - 2002.0807

Hydraform Machines
Brick, Block, Interlocking Blocks, Fly Ash, Compressed Stabilized Earth Block, Exposed Bricks, Exposed Wall, Fal G Combination, Dry Masonry, Construction Equipment, Machinery, Paver Blocks, Low Cost Housing, Rehabilitation, Building Material, Hydraulic Compaction, Minimum Mortar and Plaster, Ea...

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