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Ananda Ashrama
Ananda Ashrama is a non-sectarian place of worship dedicated to all the religions of the world, where people of different faiths may come together and worship the One Spirit Who is called by many names. Our philosophy is based on the universal teachings of Vedanta as expounded by India's mystic...

Bij de Bron - Frankrijk
Stichting BijdeBron

Boeddhistische Contemplatieven
Gemeenschap van Boeddhistische Contemplatieven

Damanhur - Italië
Founded in the early 1970's, the Federation of Damanhur in Italy is now an internationally renowned center for spiritual, artistic and social research. Damanhur is an eco-society, a federation of communities and eco-villages with a continuously evolving social and political structure. Damanhur....

Das Werk - internationaal
De Geestelijke Familie Het Werk

Foyers de Charite Marthe Robin
Au coeur des Foyers de Charité : Marthe Robin une vie donnée en Eglise et pour le monde Marthe Robin et les Foyers de Charité

Franciscans - Phillipines
Conventual Franciscans - Philippines - Offline

Iona Community - UK
Homepage - Iona Community

Jesus Army
Jesus Army: Community - Introduction

Jesus People - USA
Jesus People Evangelical Covenant Church Website Jesus People USA

Netzw. Gemeins. Leben - CH
Directions Magazine - PhpCollab

Oasis Trails
Oasis trails

Sant'Egidio Community
Sito della Comunità di Sant'Egidio. Le attività, le iniziative, come mettersi in contatto, come aiutare. - Home Page of the Community of St. Egidio, activities, initiatives, how to contact us, how to help. Community of Sant'Egidio

Seekers Church - USA
Seekers Church is a small Ecumenical Christian church committed to working openly with feminist theology, relationships among women and men, and our commitment to justice and peace. Seekers Church: A Christian Community

Sojourners - USA
Sojourners: Christians for Justice and Peace

The Twelve Tribes - USA
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Vietnam Buddhist Community
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