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Vow of Chastity
A short introduction to the Danish film manifesto Dogme 95: The Vow of Chastity (abridged)

Euro Campaign
Award-winning director Lars von Trier is to shoot a campaign film to encourage his fellow Danes to adopt the euro. BBC News | ENTERTAINMENT | Von Trier boosts euro campaign

On Stage
On Stage filmrecensies, film recensies, filmrecensies, filmrecensie, film recensie ON STAGE - Film - Filmrecensies,2083,1647_1132%5E1138-191995,00.html

Lars 3 en
lars 3 en

Harvard film archive
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Live Cinema
A look at Dogme (Dogma), the Danish-based film movement Bright Lights Film Journal | Dogme Dogma

Movie Gazette
Review of the movie The Five Obstructions - A playfully profound work that will leave you smiling warmly.. Sometimes it is only through being constrained that an artist can truly be free. Jørgen Leth's perfection as a director is revealed and reaffirmed by Lars von Trier's five diabolical atte...

Suntimes is the place for REAL CHICAGO news Chicago Sun-Times

Jigsaw Lounge
Jigsaw Lounge - De UdstilledeThe Exhibited