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Sami or Saami n. , pl. Sami or -mis or Saami or -mis . In both senses also called Lapp . A member of a people of nomadic herding tradition Sami: Definition and Much More from

De vlag
The Sami Flag

Presentation of the indigenous group previously known as Lapps their history, political issues links to other pages at this and other websites. Sami history.

Geschiedenis (2)
Henry Minde, article 198485.

GFVB: Saami
Die Saami:Indigenes Volk im Norden Europas

Introduction to Saami
Sami the reindeer people previously known as Lapps the native indigenous people of Scandinavia is presented with short essays on art history events music politics issues reindeers etc and links to similar pages at other websites. An introduction to the Sami people.

Lapin Liitto
Lapin Liitto Saami
Noorwegen - de officiële website in Nederland

Saami Council
Saami Council | Sámiráđđi | Samerådet | Saamelaisneuvosto | Sami Council telphone +358-16-677351 | fax +358-16-677353 SaamicouncilInternetSaame Saami Council | Sámiráđđi | Samerådet | Saamelaisneuvosto | Sami Council telphone +358-16-677351 | fax +358-16-677353

Saami Finland
National Minorities of Finland, The Sámi — Virtual Finland

Saami Noorwegen
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Saami Parlement Finland

Saami Parlement Zweden
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Saami Radio

Saami Radio (2)
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Saami Radio (3)
NRK Sámi Radio - NRK

Saami Radio (4)
Sveriges Radio - This is the website of Swedish Radio Sameradion Sameradion - Sameradion

Saami Rusland
The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire

Saami TV
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Tidningen Samefolket, en kulturtidskrift för samer och om samerna Tidningen Samefolket - Startsida

Wikipedia: Saami
Saami - Wikipedia

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