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Geschiedenis (in het Nederlands)
Geschiedenis van Laos. Onmisbare info en links voor de reiziger De geschiedenis van Laos

Historische Data
Laos, history, rulers, politics Laos

History of Indochina
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Koloniale tijd
In 1868, after having annexed South Vietnam as a colony and having turned Cambodia into a French protectorate, the French send an initial expedition to Laos to investigate the Mekong trade route to China.In 1886 France receives permission from Siam largely ruling Laos, to install a vice consul...

Laos, history, rulers, politics Laos

Laotiaanse Koninkrijken
In 1353, after Laos had first been ruled by Khmers from Angkor, then by Thais from Sukhothai, Prince Fa Ngoum founds the Kingdom of Laos or Lane Xang, as it was called at the time, a sovereign state. extends over present-day Laos well parts of what is now North Thailand. first capital Luang Pra...

On July 19, 1949, France formally grants Laos independence. For almost three decades, from 1949 to 1975, the political situation in Laos is highly confusing. Three factions struggle for power: 1. Conservatives, commanding, among other forces, a 30,000-men army of the Hmong (Meo) hill tribe; 2. ...

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