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Celtic Ireland
Take a look at this ornate wall picture of Ireland, print off a free copy. Celtic Ireland

Celtic Pages
Celtic Christian Pages Index (Evangelical): The Prayer Foundation

De ronde torens van Ierland
Bespiegelingen over Ierland De ronde torens van Ierland

Earthlore Ireland
The Theme Introduction page for Earthlore Ireland, a Cultural Exploration through the history and spiritual intent of Ireland and her people. Features include: CountryRegional Profiles; Histories; Study Tools; Tales; Galleries and more. Earthlore Ireland - Theme Introduction - The Contemporar...

Heroes and Heroines
Learn about heroes and heroines in Celtic Ireland, with recommended books and resources Mythography | Celtic Ireland - Heroes and Heroines in Myth and Art

Ireland's History
Ireland History in Maps is a chronological exploration of Irish geography and clan roots. Ireland's History in Maps - Celtic Ireland

Prehistoric & Celtic Ireland
History of Prehistoric and Celtic Ireland with Maps

Sterrewegroute- Kelten

The Celtic Iron Age
Celtic Ireland in the Iron Age: the Celts

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