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A fermented milk probiotic
The history of kefir is centuries old. It is very well known in eastern Europe. Kefir a Fermented Milk Probiotic
food-info : Interacties van gisten en bacteriën in kefir

Health benefits of kefir
Discover the food I am calling an absolute essential addition to your diet to build your immune system and improve your skin and good looks. Russians and other cultures have used this for generations to live past 100, and now this ancien id=pageTitle>Kefir Starter by Body Ecology - Fermente...

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Kefir ancient traditions
Kefir – Ancient Traditions Of The Soviet Staple - Food Reference: Food Trivia, Facts, History, Tips, Recipes, Quotes, Food Art, Events, Books, Poems, Humor Kefir - Ancient Traditions of the Soviet Staple - Food Reference Website in de krant
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Mother Earth News
Although kefir may seem to be exotic, it' s nothing more than milk that' s been cultured by several strains of friendly bacteria. However, the drink differs from other similarly processed dairy foods in that it also contains yeast cells, which naturally car KUDOS FOR KEFIR

Nutra ingredients
Probiotic kefir cultures for growing category Rhodia Food has launched a range of probiotic-containing cultures for fermented milks, such as kefir, which are increasing in Probiotic kefir cultures for growing category
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The origins of kefir
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Kefir contains minerals and essential amino acids that help the body with healing and maintenance functions

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