kefalonia geschiedenis [ kefalonia ]

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Kefalonia geschiedenis
Kefalonia History in Greece

Kefalonia history GNTO
kefalonias tourists guide. Information on Travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, rentals, accomodation shops, clubs and bars of kefalonia, one of ionian complex islands in Greece History of kefalonia (Cefalonia) island, greece

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Oskars studios,Bar,restaurant in lassi, argostoli, Kefalonia, cephalonia, dinning, accommodation, entertainment History of Kefalonia OSKARS studios,Bar,restaurant in lassi,argostoli,Kefalonia...

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Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands. Its name derived from the islandÂ’s first king, Kefalos. During ancient times it was also called Tetrapolis (in Greek meaning 4 towns) which was separated into the towns of Pali, Krani, Sami... The history of Kefalonia - Ionian Islands, Greece by E...

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