bevolkingsgroepen / population (groups) [ kameroen ]

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EN - Bamilike
Bamileke People

EN - Bamum
Bamum People

EN - General
List of languages of Cameroon. Ethnologue report for Cameroon

EN - Pygmies
Culture and music of Baka Pygmies (Central Africa). Includes the fieldwork and the initiation in the rainforest of the Italian anthropologist Mauro Campagnoli, with photos and videos. Baka Pygmies

EN/FR - Bamilike
site for and about the Bamileke of Cameroon,with information rf: culture, news, chat, forum, associations, business, networking, traditions. BAMILEKE, CAMEROON, CULTURE, ORIGINS, NEWS, ART,BUSINESS...

FR - Pygmées
Etude comparative de la représentation symbolique des arbres - 4

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