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Krijgskunst Friesland
Krijgskunsten in Friesland, SHUUSHIKAN [ KrijgskunstFriesland ShuuShiKan ]

Martial Arts explained: Jeet Kune Do. Summarizes the characteristics and origin of Jeet Kune Do. Where applicable, additional info such as founder, weapons, origin are provided. Includes many links to other martial arts. Martial Arts Info - Jeet Kune Do

East West Martial Arts
East West Martial Arts Academy Home page, Sifu Kevin Seaman East West Martial Arts Academy

Jerry Poteet JKD Association
Jeet Kune Do Original Bruce Lee Student Jerry Poteet

Bob Breen Academy
Bob Breen Academy

Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Kun Tao along with various grappling styles are taught at the Practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury, Connecticut by Ron Kosakowski. For self defense purposes, these martial arts are perfect for anyone. Practical Self Defense Training Center - Waterbury, Connecticut
Much of Jeet Kune Do training involve Wing Chun Drills, Kali Exercises and Kick Boxing training regimens. A system they are beginning to incorporate into their training is ground fighting and grappling. Jeet Kune Do - Bruce Lee's Formless System

De Koele
startpagina van dekoele

JKD PFS - Jeet Kune Do Progressive Fighting Systems (difesa personale)- Onofri Carosi Roma Difesa Personale - Jeet Kune Do PFS ROMA

FCS JKD weblog
Fight Club Sandman: Archief: Jeet Kune Do