jaren '80 (spel)computers [ jaren80 ]

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Atari 8 bit
[()] Thunderdome [()] Info about REAL ATARI 8-Bit computers, BBS', documentation, 6502 programming, connector pinouts, etc... Visit also our German and USA car projects. Maintained by Fox-1, SysOp of Thunderdome, the ATARI 8-Bit BBS, +31 416-279990. This BBS runs on an Atari 130XE computer wi...

C64 Roms
C64.COM is a C64 site dedicated to just about everything that is connected to the Commodore 64 (C64). Get your favourite games and demos here! C64.COM - The Commodore 64 is our life

Commodore 64 emulator
CCS64 - A Commodore 64 Emulator - By Per Håkan Sundell CCS64

Geschiedenis spelcomputers
Geschiedenis en allerlei andere informatie over homecomputers en gamecomputers uit de jaren '70 en '80, zoals Atari, Commodore en Altair. GESCHIEDENIS VAN HOME- EN GAMECOMPUTERS

Online computerspelletjes
Growing up in the 80's - Play Free Arcade Games - 1980's Games, Music, Songs, Lyrics, and TV memories - We still love the eighties. Come relive your childhood through our 1980s pages. Play your favorite 1980s arcade games online. FREE! Shockwave, Java and DOS video games for your PC. Brought t...

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