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Artikel over Jackass in Carp*
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Breaking your back for Jackass
Aspiring model breaks back, fractures pelvis in yet another Jackass accident E! News - Breaking Your Back for "Jackass"

Interview met Johnny Knoxville FHM
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Is Jackass Safe for MTV?
What will you see on Jackass? - Is 'Jackass' safe for MTV? - August 23, 2001

Jackass: The Game Preview
IGN is the ultimate resource for Jackass: The Game previews featuring in-depth coverage from our award-winning editorial staff. IGN: Jackass: The Game Preview

Knoxville Kisses Jackass Goodbye
Masochistic host says he's quitting Jackass to focus on career in movies; MTV will continue airing reruns. E! News - Knoxville Kisses "Jackass" Goodbye

Local Boys Hit Gold with TV Show
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MTV's Jackass Inspires Morons, Upsets Pussies
The stupid upset by MTV's Jackass. The Seanbaby Probe - MTV's Jackass Upsets Morons

Regisseur Jeff Tremaine over Jackass Number 2
Thanks to Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine graced an L.A. billboard advertising a gay cruise line. "I was probably just as surprised as anybody to see that stupid thing," he said. The irreverent sequel hits theaters in September. 'Jackass' Director Calls Sequel 'Filthier' - Movie News Story | M...

Samples 'Jackass' stunts
SAMPLES: 'Jackass' stunts

Signeersessie in Amsterdam
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The Tao of Poo
Jackass, review by Tobias Peterson - The eye-popping, gag-inducing, jaw-dropping comedic assaults of 'Jackass' are funny because they take such exaggerated steps over the boundaries of acceptable behavior. Jackass | PopMatters Television Review

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