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For businesses in the Muslim World: Actionable insights and resources addressing their unique challenges and opportunities such as Image Crisis, Corruption, Government Barriers, Innovation Strategies, Leadership, Islamic Finance, Islamic Economics, Muslim Markets, Global Competition, and Corpo...

Insurance, Asset Management and Banking worldwide Allianz - Insurance, Asset Management and Banking worldwide,,1031325-44,00.html

de Wereldbank - The World Bank Group offers loans, advice, and an array of customized resources to more than 100 developing countries and countries in transition World Bank Group - System Maintenance

Home to well over half the world's Muslims, the Asia-Pacific has emerged as the prime mover for the global spread of Islamic banking. Estimates of the industry's size vary, although some Islamic bankers claim as much as US$200bn has been invested worldwide by Muslims seeking to follow Islam's ...,1014,sid%253D%2526cid%253D52682,0

Deutsche bank
Islam Online- News Section

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Ernst & Young
Services, Financial Services Islamic Financial Services Group

Europese Commissie
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Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Investments: Site Search Fidelity Investments: Site Search

Free Muslims Coalition
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Global Policy Forum
Globalization Seen a Threat to OIC Move for Islamic Common Market - Social and Economic Policy - Global Policy Forum

Islamic Finance Gears Up - Finance & Development, December 2005

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Islamic banking - A growth model for Islamic banking - Financial Services - Banking - The McKinsey Quarterly

Koninklijk NIVRA - Kan de pagina niet vinden

Middle East Region:Islamic Banking & Takaful Middle East Region: Industries - Islamic Banking & Takaful

E-TISNET monthly information sources Trade and Investment Division, UNESCAP

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