islamitisch beleggen: vastgoedfondsen (reit's) [ islamic-finance ]

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1e Islamitisch REIT
KUALA LUMPUR-The Malaysian Securities Commission has approved the listing of Malaysia s first Islamic REIT on the country s stock exchange, Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd. Malaysia Approves First Islamic REIT

DTZ over vastgoedfinanciering
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E&Y over Islamitische REIT's
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Europees Vastgoedfonds
With $3.2 trillion trading every day, FX is now the world's most-traded and fastest-growing asset class, attracting new players all the time. Middle East Forex

Foreign Investors real estate
Welcome to the web site of the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate, AFIRE, a not-for-profit trade association of non-US investors in the US real estate market. AFIRE

Islam beleggen in Europa groeit
UBS in Dubai, UBS - Dubai

IREF 2007

PWC over vastgoedfinanciering
Worldwide, few markets have proved as dynamic as the Islamic Finance sector. The amount of Shari'ah-compliant capital investments is estimated at 500-800 billion US dollars in over 70 countries , with annual double-digit growth expected over the next few years and decades. The PricewaterhouseC...

Richtlijn islamitische REIT
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Wat is islamitisch vastgoed?
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