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The world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications DBD::InterBase

Easysoft InterBase ODBC driver
ODBC and JDBC Drivers, bridges and gateways that let applications running on Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac OS X access data in products such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Navision, Oracle, InterBase, Sybase and Firebird. Easysoft Data Access

Gemini Interbase ODBC Driver
High-performance native InterbaseFirebird ODBC driver for using in desktop office productivity tools, 2 and 3-tier middleware sofware, web-platforms on Windows 9x,NT,2000 operation systems Gemini InterBase ODBC Driver home

IBPhoenix InterBase ODBC
IBPhoenix is a web site and organization that provides information and services to Firebird and InterBase developers and users IBPhoenix Home

IBProvider - OLE DB
Native OLE DB Provider for InterBase and Firebird SQL Servers. Short introduction.

KInterbasDB Project Home Page

OLE/DB driver
OLE-Db Driver

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