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Building IB on RedHat
The world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications Instructions for building InterBase on RedHat 6.2

Building Website with JBuilder
Building a Database Driven Dynamic Web Site Using JBuilder and InterBase,1410,26443,00.html

Create boolean/logical datatype
Creating a BooleanLogical datatype with InterBase,1410,25149,00.html

Extending SQL Functionality
Extending SQL Functionality in InterBase,1410,27563,00.html

Generic Triggers For InterBase?
IBPhoenix is a web site and organization that provides information and services to Firebird and InterBase developers and users IBPhoenix Home

Interbase roadmap

Upsizing Paradox to InterBase
Upsizing Paradox Databases to InterBase,1410,25918,00.html

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