cardiovasculair [ intensivecare ]

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Omschrijving van hart en bloedsomloop Het bloed

Capillary nail refill
MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Capillary nail refill test

Cardiac output (filmpje)
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Cardiovascular Physiology
Arterial blood pressure

Extra Corporale Circulatie
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MAP meter
mean arterial pressure calculator Mean arterial pressure

Monitoring critical care
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NICO uitleg
Novel methods of invasivenon-invasive cardiac output monitoring

Oesophageal Doppler
Equipment review: New techniques for cardiac output measurement -- oesophageal Doppler, Fick principle using carbon dioxide, and pulse contour analysis

PULSION Medical Systems AG : PiCCO <i>plus<i>

PiCCO uitleg
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Pulm.Art.Cath.Education Project
PACEP: Sign-In

Swan Ganz
Right heart diagnostic information to rapidly determine hemodynamic pressures and cardiac output Standard Thermodilution Catheter

Swan Ganz plaatjes
Swan-Ganz - Right Heart Catheterization (Catheterization - Right Heart, Right Heart Catheterization) pictures and images. AllRefer Health - Swan-Ganz - Right Heart Catheterization: Pictures & Images (Catheterization - Right Heart, Right Heart Catheterization)

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