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Bremer libellengruppe
Die Bremer Libellengruppe stellt sich vor. Bremer Libellengruppe

An index to the many pages that make up the Wonderful World of Insects, alphabetically arranged Index to The Wonderful World of Insects

Dragonfly Ireland
The Home Page of the DragonflyIreland Project. The aims of this project are to raise the profile of dragonflies in Ireland, map their distributions and support a recording scheme. Dragonfly Ireland home page

Eastern Mediterranean
Website of the Dragonflies of the Eastern Mediterranean (Order: Odonata)

International Dragonfly Fund
International Dragonfly Fund

Libellen (Armenie)
dragonflies odonata of Armenia preliminary checklist and atlas

Libellen BadenWurtemberg
Schutzgemeinschaft Libellen in Baden-Württemberg (SGL)

Libellen Europa (jochen)
Libellen Europas (Odonata)

Libellen Europas
Libellen Europas

Libellen Europas (Muller)
Libellen Europas (Odonata)

Libelllen in Frankrijk
Bienvenue sur le site sur les libellules d'Europe

Libellules (fr)

Slovene Dragonfly Society

The European odonates
Information, checklists, LOADS of pictures, links and literature about Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) The European dragonflies and damselflies (Order: odonata)

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