de plains stammen (eng) [ indianen-noordamerika ]

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De Apache

De Arapaho
Northern Arapaho Tribe

De Assiniboin
Assiniboin - LoveToKnow 1911

De Blackfoot
Blackfeet Native American Art, pow-wow regalia, breastplates, bone and bead jewelry including chokers, porcupine quill and bead earrings, bracelets, beadwork, moccasins, obsidian knives and beaded sheaths, dreamcatchers and cross stitch. HISTORY OF THE BLACKFEET TRIBE

De Blood
Blood Tribe

De Cheyenne

De Comanche
The Official Site of the Comanche Nation - Lawton, Oklahoma.

De Crow
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

De Dakota
Lakota - Dakota - Sioux Nation - Crystalinks

De Iowa
Ioway Indians' history, culture, language and online resources Ioway Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, general information

De Kansa
Welcome to the Official Website of the Kaw Nation

De Kichai
Handbook of Texas Online:

De Lakota
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

De Missouri
Missouri ( Abbr. MO or Mo. ) A state of the central United States. It was admitted as the 24th state in 1821 Missouri: Definition and Much More from

De Nakota
LakotaNakotaDakota LakotaNakotaDakota

De Ojibwe
The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe

De Omaha

De Osage

De Oto
The Oto tribe gave us their name for Nebraska, but they -- along with their relations the Missouria -- were migrants to the region. The Oto and Missouria Tribes in Nebraska

De Pawnee
Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma

De Piegan

De Plains Cree
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

De Ponca
The Ponka Tribae

De Quapaw
quapaw tribe Home Page

De Tonkawa
The Official Website of The Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma The Offical Website of The Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma

De Wichita
Wichita Tribe Home

Gros Ventre
Fort Belknap Indian Reservation is homeland to the Gros Ventre and the Assiniboine Tribes. Fort Belknap Indian Reservation is located forty miles south of the Canadian border and twenty miles north of the Missouri River, which is the route of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Fort Belknap Indian ...

MHA Nation - Three Affiliated Tribes

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