belangrijke gebeurtenissen [ indianen-noordamerika ]

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De Arikara oorlog
arikara oorlog

De opstand van Pontiac
Pontiac's rebellion. The FrenchIndian War was over. But that didn't stop Ottawa Chief Pontiac from lifting the hatchet. Get the full story. Pontiac's rebellion

Little Bighorn
The Battle of Little Bighorn: Overview

The Iroquois Wars
The Iroquois Wars

Trail of Tears
In 1838 the Cherokee were stripped of their rights and forced to move against their will on 'The Trail of Tears' by the governments of Georgia and United States. The Trail of Tears - Cherokee Indians forcibly removed from North Georgia

Wounded Knee
The massacre at Wounded Knee is considered the last battle between white soldiers and Native Americans. The Wounded Knee Massacre - December 1890

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