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Anita Jepson-Gilbert
Nazca Lines, Maria and the Stars of Nazca

Anthony F. Aveni
Forget about runways for ancient astronauts. These famous geoglyphs were paths meant to be walked in rituals related to the acquisition of water. Solving the Mystery of the Nasca Lines

Importante asentamiento Inca en el departamento de Cusco, al sur del Peru. Singular ejemplo de una Kallanca imperial Lineas de Nasca

Horizons joins an extraordinary excavation in Peru that promises to unravel the secrets of the Nasca Lines. BBC - Science & Nature - Horizon - The Lost City of Nasca

Crystal Links
Nazca Lines and Culture - Crystalinks

David Johnsons
GWP Home Page

Donald A. Proulx
Don Proulx, Professor of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
We invite you to meander awhile through the pages of Labyrinthina for the Ancient Mysteries of Peru including the Markawasi Stone Forest, Nazca Lines, Ica Stones, Sacred Andean Sites & Machu Picchu, Ley Lines and our Annual Journey to Peru! Labyrinthina! The Official Blog of Kathy Doore

Les Lineas de Nasca
Nasca y sus Lineas, nuestras increibles paginas de la astronomia

Nasa Aster Sub-image
The Nasca Lines are located in the Pampa region of Peru, the desolate plain of the Peruvian coast 400 km south of Lima. The Lines were first spotted when commercial airlines began flying across the Peruvian desert in the 1920's. Passengers reported seeing 'primitive landing strips' on the groun...

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Project Nasca-Palpa
Project NascaPalpa

Rumbos Online
Rumbos Online: The Travel Magazine of Peru Rumbos Online: The Travel Magazine of Peru

The Lines and Geoglyphs of Nasca and Pampas de Jumana

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The ancient "Nasca lines" created on the desert floor by native peoples in Peru thousands of years ago may not just be works of art, according to a team of scientists from the University of Massachusetts. The team, which includes hydrogeologist Stephen B. Mabee and archeologist ...

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