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ABC news
ABC Online Index - Documentaries ABC TV Documentaries: The Lost Pyramids of Caral

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Caral´s aerophones

Archeology centre
The Archaeology Channel - Caral Interview

Fantastic preservation at Peruvian pyramids from 2,600 BC gives new insight into why cities began. BBC - Science & Nature - Horizon - The Lost Pyramids of Caral

Caral Peru
web ofical de la investigación de la ciudad mas antigua de América Proyecto Especial Arqueológico Caral-Supe

Field Museum Press Rel.
The Field Museum Information: Press Room

The Americas' Oldest Pyramids, Cities

National Geographic
New dating analysis indicates that the ancient Peruvian site of Caral may have been one of the first urban centers in the Americas. The finding, reported in <i>Science,<i> points to the existence of a powerful settlement that thrived more than a thousand years before other known cities.

Science News
Construction of massive ceremonial buildings and residential areas at a Peruvian site began 4,000 years ago, making it the earliest known city in the Americas. Peru Holds Oldest New World City: Science News Online, April 28, 2001

SF gate
Mystery metropolis Ruins of a 4,600-year-old city in Peru challenge theories of civilization

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