shamanisme/bonreligie [ himalaya ]

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Demonen en Deities
An essay of Himalayan masks, finding in them stylistic and thematic affinities and covering a period extending from the upper Paleolithic era to the present. Thomas Murray: Demons and Deities : Masks of the Himalayas

Kunst en Shamanisme
Ethnic art and shamanism in the himalayas, a better understanding of tribal life in the Himalayas, the art, statuary, ritual objects, or even older items of daily use. Art and Shamanism in the Himalayas on

Shamanisme in Nepal
Institut-Ethnomed Nepal-Schamanismus

Tibetaanse Bonreligie
Find religious items such as crosses and bibles on the web for a good deal. Religions, Spirituality, Bibles, Book Accessories, Antiquarian & Collectible*, Audiobooks, Music Books, Catalogs, Children's Books, Cookbooks, Fiction Books, Other Books Sale on Religious Items

Yungdrung Bön
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