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Sprachspielereien, Anspielungen, witzige Details in den Harry-Potter-Büchern. Puns, allusions, explanations of names and words in Harry Potter. Viola Owlfeathers Harry-Potter-Kiste

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Encyclopedie der Potterologie
harry potter encyclopedie

Harry Potter Boekenleggers

Harry Potter E-cards
Harry Potter | Owl Post

Harry Potter Lettertypes
Freeware fonts, currently featuring 'Lumos' and 'Parseltongue' - fonts inspired by the Harry Potter series. CarpeSaponem Fonts Portal

Harry Potter Pronounciation (US)
Listen to the pronunciation guide and audio clips of difficult to pronounce from the Harry Potter book series. Warble the wizarding world's wacky words with wisdom! Harry Potter: Pronunciation Guide | Scholastic

Hoe heet Harry in het...
Harry Potter names and words in international translations! Harry Potter International

Magical Trading Cards
Harry Potter Magical Trading Cards Tokenzone. Harry Potter Magical Trading Cards


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