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Ancient harp
Bible History Online - Ancient Harp

Antique harp
The Harp, one of the most ancient stringed instruments The Harp

Breton harp, the
A brief history of the harp in Brittany, from Yves Defrance. The Breton harp

Burmese harp
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Celtic harp, the
Breton JAF Part 3: Pipes and Harp

Clarsach 1
A global resource supporting, promoting and preserving the treasury and heritage of Celtic clarsach (clàrsach or cláirseach) harp music. - promoting the Gaelic harp, called clàrsach or cláirseach.

Clarsach 2
The Story of the Highland Clarsach The Clarsach

Early harp homepage
AL-K's Early Harp Page

Erard harp
MSB04 The harp - Saint-Boniface Museum - Canada

Erard harp 1810
Gallery Tour - Erard Harp Drawing - Large image

Exploring the world of the harp
Harp Spectrum

Gaelic harp
Information about the early brass wire strung Gaelic harp (clarsach) of Ireland and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland Early Gaelic Harp Info

Harps from Ur
A poem and an essay on the ancient Sumerian harps. (in English) Zwoje (The Scrolls) 2 (35), 2003

History of the Gaelic Harp
A history of harps. Gaelic Harps and Harpers in Ireland. Gaelic Harps & Harpers in Ireland & Scotland

History of the harp 1
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History of the harp 2
History of harp development

History of the harp 3
Harp: Instrument Encyclopedia

History of the harp 4
Ireland Information Guide , Irish, Counties, Facts, Statistics, Tourism, Culture, How

How the harp works
An Introduction to the Harp: Harp Diagram, Information, Harp History

Info plus cd's
About Early Harps

Intern. Harp Archives
The International Harp Archives

Irish harp in England, the
The true Gaelic harp, the ancient national instrument of Ireland, is the wire-strung harp. At the same time that the armies of Queen Elizabeth I attempted to subdue Ireland, the Irish harp was introduced to English musical audiences. The Irish Harp in England

Lamont harp
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Myanmar traditional harp
Yangonow-Culture-Traditional Music-Harp

Naderman harp
Harp by Jean Henri Naderman, Paris, 1797, at the National Music Museum. Naderman Harp at the National Music Museum

Story of the harp, the
Waterford County Library

Sumerische harp
Smith College Museum of Ancient Inventions: Sumerian Harp

Wire Strung harp
The true Gaelic harp, the ancient national instrument of Ireland and Scotland, is the wire-strung harp. Its history can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Its origin may have been even earlier. The Wire-Strung Harp

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