wat is haram ? [ halal ]

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Halal & Haram in the Quran
Halal And Haram in the Quran and Hadith - At Islam At A Glance

Haram and Khamr
Haram, that which is forbidden for Muslims, and Khamr, that which intoxicates. Why Muslims must not use alcohol or other drugs such as cocaine. Information on a Muslim treatment program for addiction. HARAM and KHAMR

Haram Food Ingedients
Halal and Haram Foods

Haram Producten
Vilka produkter är halal och vilka är haram?

A great informative site about Halal & Haram- lawful and unlawful in Islam. A detail list of food and ingredients and its status according to Quran and Sunnah. Also, a good discussion on this topic, Islamic information and articles with references and links to other related Islamic web site. H...

what is Haram ( eng )
The First Interactive HalalHaram Food Info Site on the Net. eat-halal.com - trying to help muslims eat halal

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