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NMU Congres 2007
Welkom bij DDCI

Leuke cartoon
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NMU Congres 2006
Goochelclub Rotterdam

The Original Download Magic Shop. Learn Magic from the Inventor of Magic Tricks Performed by David Copperfield and David Blaine, Steve Fearson! Download Magic - Free Magic Tricks, Card Tricks and Levitations!

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Fred Kaps
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Because I believe that Misdirection is our most important tool, I have collected some links to web pages that discuss misdirection. It's my hope that this web site can be a resource for magicians that want to improve their theoretical fundament to become better magicians. Misdirection made easy!

Magic Books
The Learned Pig Project

Balloon Sculpturing
Starting page for balloon artists Balloon sculpturing --

False Cuts
Free magic card tricks. You can sumbit your own cardtricks and search our indexes for new tricks. Visit us and find new magic, sleights, flourishes, and secrets. All magicians are welcome. False Cuts - The free card trick exchange center - magic secrets revealed