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Economy and happiness
Economic insecurity fosters world ‘full of anxiety and anger’ – UN report

Filosofie of happiness
The primary meaning of this term in all the leading European languages seems to involve the notion of good fortune, good chance, good happening CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Happiness

Giving creates happiness
Article about how many appreciate what they've been given and want to give back. Giving not only helps others, it's healthy for you too. The Gift of Giving

Happiness & age
Our happiness levels fluctuate during our lives and we are likely to be most miserable in our 40s, research suggests. BBC NEWS | Programmes | Happiness Formula | Happiness is smile shaped

Happiness & politics
A government's success is often measured by money but research suggests politicians should put people's well-being ahead of wealth creation. BBC NEWS | Programmes | Happiness Formula | The politics of happiness

Happiness and genes
If you're unhappy, the fault most likely is in your genes. Happiness Is Mostly Genetic -

Happiness and status
Being at the top of the social ladder improves human health and longevity - but it depends where you live Higher status leads to a longer life - 08 June 2004 - New Scientist

Happiness and work Northwest news and information from the Seattle Times. Daily local news, sports, arts and entertainment, and classified ads. The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Survey: Workers' dissatisfaction increasing

Happiness in Time Mag.
TIME Magazine explores making yourself happy TIME Magazine: Mind & Body: Happiness

Happiness in Wikipedia
Happiness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Happiness in work2
Research published today reveals that two in five hairdressers rated themselves as 'extremely happy' and thriving on the creativity and contact with customers. Want to enjoy your job? Be a hairdresser | Money | The Guardian,1456,1424777,00.html

happiness makes wealthy?
Happiness makes the world go around | Research |,9865,1269439,00.html

Happiness=slow down

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LSE Research Laboratory: template CEP: research - labour markets

New Science of happiness
What makes the human heart sing? Researchers are taking a close look. What they've found may surprise you The New Science of Happiness - TIME,10987,1015832,00.html

Or the other way around?
National Nine News > Article Page

positive thinking
Positive thinking and a positive attitude may indeed have power. That belief has long been conjecture, but in recent years scientists studying the mind-body connection are finding that an optimistic outlook can improve more than just mental health. - Power of a super attitude

Reflective Happiness
Reflective Happiness

Science of happiness
Scientists say they know how to measure happiness and are piecing together what they believe really makes us happy. BBC NEWS | Programmes | Happiness Formula | The science of happiness

Sustainable happiness
Free diary for travellers, interns and expats : Free diary for travellers, interns and expats

Therapy of drug?
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.,8150,1194467,00.html

Women and marriage
Living with their partner is good for men's mental health, but marriage is better for women's wellbeing Cohabiting boosts men's mental health - 22 December 2003 - New Scientist

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