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2d adventures maken
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Create Text Adventures with this easy to use, FREE application for Windows Adventures are created by typing in descriptions, and you select how everything interacts from pull down menus and lists ADRIFT: Adventure Development & Runner - Interactive Fiction Toolkit

Adventure Author
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Adventure game studio
AGS allows you to make your own classic Sierra and Lucasarts-style point-and-click adventure games Adventure Game Studio

Adventure Maker
Adventure Maker (freeware) - Create games for Windows, PSP, iPhone, and iPod touch without writing a line of code

Adventures (tekst)
The Adventurer - Je eigen adventure games maken

Adventures maken (2)
MAD is a powerful script-driven adventure game engine, allowing users to make their own graphical adventures particularly those similar to old Sierra games (ie. Quest for Glory, King's Quest, etc...). MAD is free, and cross-platform. mad :: adventure game engine

GameMaker (Mac)
GameMaker Home Page

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