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America's Army Server
Voor het echte werk begint Het is aan te raden dat je NIET de client en server op dezelfde computer draait, omdat je dat gewoon teveel last krijgt van “lag” (wat voor internet verbinding je ook... Techzine - Tutorial: Eigen America’s Army Server Draaien onder Windows - ICT Nieuws Community site

BF1942 Ded. Server FAQ
Planet Battlefield - Maps, News, Battlefield 2, Cheats, Downloads

Castle Wolfenstein Server Guide
PlanetWolfenstein - A Member of the GameSpy Network

CS Dedicated Server Howto
Counter-Server - The Official Counter-Strike Server Admin Resource -- http:server.counter-strike.net

Game Admins
Admins, helping Admins. GameAdmins

Q3A Guide - Setting up a server
The Quake III Arena Guide Index - Planet Quake

Setting Up a Game Server
Been thinking about a LAN party, but not quite sure where to start? As part of our continuing effort to help you get your game on, we've excerpted a chapter from the new ET book "LAN Party: Hosting the Ultimate Frag Fest." If you've ever wanted to learn how to set up a dedica...

UT2004 Server Setup
Category:UT2004 - UnrealAdminWiki

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