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101 Languages
Finnish 101 provides useful information about the Finnish language including Finnish to English translations and much more! Learn Finnish online for free!
Finnish language Finno-Ugric language of Finland, spoken by some six million people worldwide, including perhaps 200,000 speakers in North America Finnish language: Information and Much More from

Chiugate Guide
Uusi kielemme - Finnish for Busy People

Encyclopeadia Britannica
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Finnish language: member of the Finno-Ugric group of the Uralic language family, spoken in Finland. At the beginning of the 19th century, Finnish had no official status, with Swedish being used in Finnish education, government, and literature. The publ...

Engels en Fins lijken op elkaar!
Ever wanted to know everything about finnish culture? About to date a finn? Want a few good laughs? Come on in. Intercultural relationships - facts about finns

Finlandsite - alles over Finland! Finlandsite - alles over Finland!: Algemene informatie over Finland
Wij bieden een brede website die zich richt op verschillende aspecten van de taal. Beheerd door Harm Schoonekamp - Alles over de Finse taal!

Francois Micheloud
Why and how to learn finnish and learning tips for people who want to learn on their own Finnish language : learning it

Introductie in het Fins
Links to some material on the Finnish language on the Internet. The Finnish language

Finnish language, alphabet and pronunciation

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Uitspraak klanken
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Virtual Finland
The Finnish language — Virtual Finland

Wikibooks (en)
Finnish - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

Fins - Wikipedia

Wikipedia (en)
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Wiktionary (en)
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Yahoo Group (1)
Finnish: For study & discussion of Finnish langua Finnish : For study & discussion of Finnish langua

Yahoo Group (2)
ned-fin: ned-fin ned-fin : ned-fin

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