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Classical Feng Shui
Wind8 Water is the art of Classical Feng Shui located in Northern Virginia offering consultations, Feng Shui remedies and classes. Wind8Water - Classical Feng Shui Practitioner Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC

Essays on the origin of FS
Five scholarly essays on fengshui: (1) Qimancy, the Art and Science of Fengshui; (2) The Cosmological Origins of Fengshui; (3) Recovering the Lost Meaning of the Yijing Bagua; (4) The Numerology of Nine Star Fengshui; (5) The Environmental Basis of Nine Star Auspice; (6) Fengshui and Early G...

Feng Shui
information on how you can gain from feng shui Feng Shui, your guide to Feng Shui

Hoe werkt Feng Shui
XL Special - Feng Shui

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