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Forecast Solutions A3
Demand forecasting and planning in the apparel and footwear industry with A3 will reduce your inventories and improve the customer service level. A3 is the No. 1 Forecast & Planning solution for the fashion industry

Gerber Technology provides an extensive line of integrated computer hardware and software systems to the sewn-goods and flexible goods industries. These systems significantly improve the efficiency of information management, product and pattern design, grading and marker makingnesting, material...

Lectra's CADCAM software, hardware and service range provide solutions from product design, manufacturing, merchandising and distribution, for manufacturers, designers, and retailers of apparel and industrial fabrics, textiles, leather and other soft materials, including pattern and marker maki...

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Pebblestone information systems is provider of software solutions, specialised in the fashion (apparel) industry. Pebblestone information systems is specialist op het gebied van software voor de fashion industrie. Pebblestone Fashion, software that fits! ..oOoOo..

Visual Retailing is virtual reality for the fashion business. The established software developer's suite of applications let designers, buyers, and merchandisers work together and communicate seamlessly - keeping it visual all the way. Visual Retailing for fashion merchandising, retailing, sto...

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