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Fame - Irene Cara
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FAME! YouTube - FAME!

Floortje - Fame
FAME YouTube - Koninginnedag Almere - Fame

Floortje - Fame Finale
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Floortje - Fame Liveshow 1
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Valerie Landsburg(Doris) in FAME(1982) YouTube - FAME (HI-FIDELITY)

Madonna's fame
Here is a montage I've made; Madonna's career to the song "Fame." The first footage is Madonna's audition for the series "Fame." She never got the part, but ... YouTube - Madonna's Fame

Gene Anthony Ray(Leroy) in FAME(1982) He's dancing with a mannequin. YouTube - FAME (MANNEQUIN)

The Kids from FAME sings in front of the teacher for saying goodbye to him.(1982) YouTube - FAME (STARMAKER)

Take me
Erica Gimpel(Coco) in FAME(1982) YouTube - FAME (TAKE ME)

We got the power to be
The Kids from FAME(1982) YouTube - FAME (WE GOT THE POWER TO BE)

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