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Smart Distri Lists
How to increase the accuracy of Distribution Lists and Security Groups while reducing your work with the easiest and most powerful Automated Distribution List Management solution. Dynamic Group Management with SmartDL - Imanami

Wireless computing
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RSE Data Recovery
Hard disk crash? Data verloren? Haal uw data terug. Ook voor complete Raid systemen, notebooks, harde schijven, tapes, memory cards, DVDs en alle andere media en zelfs Forensic research. RSE Data Recovery Services haalt uw data weer terug! Data Recovery | Harddisk Data Recovery | E-mail Terugha...

Exchange 12 Blog
MS Exchange Blog

Imanami SmartR
Flexible Directory Reporting : SmartR provides for all your reporting needs offering Flexible Directory Reporting . Additional report packs* allow you to view reports in any specified view. Flexible Directory Reporting Tools - Imanami

Hexamail Guard Antivirus
Hexamail server based anti spam integrates with all versions of Exchange Server and all SMTP email servers. Most comprehensive spam filter features provide the most effective anti spam. Hexamail also provides disclaimer, mail alerting, automatic routing, POP3 downloading and auto replyresponder...

Review 2
Redmond magazine -- formerly Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine -- The Independent Voice of the Microsoft IT Community. It is relied upon by Windows, SQL Server, Security, and Exchange experts worldwide. Redmond | The Independent Voice of the Microsoft IT Community

email archivering - alle email bestanden plus de attachments archiveren als XML bestand en volledig doorzoekbaar maken via de Outlook RMA plug-in E-mail archivering - Archivering van alle email bestanden

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