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Bootdisks and rescue tooling

EPROM / S-Record Tools
The world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications SRecord

IO poort access onder NT en XP
Beyond Logic includes detailed information on Universal Serial Bus, Serial Ports (RS232), Parallel Ports (SPPECPEPPIEEE1284), Device Drivers and more. Most texts also come in PDF for easy Download & Printing Beyond Logic

Motorola S-Records
S Records

PCI Vendor/ID Database
Linux PCI ID Repository

PuTTY - SSH/Telnet Client
PuTTY Download Page

Wim's BIOS Website
Wim's BIOS Page identifies your motherboard and provides you with the correct BIOS Upgrades. You can also find BIOS Numbers, BIOS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), BIOS settings and a forum. Wim's BIOS Page: BIOS Upgrades, Motherboard identification and more....

Windows / DOS bootdisks
You will have access to some of the most essential utilities for computing. This site features ALL of the Microsoft DOS and Windows Operating Systems, along with LINUX and MAC boot disks! Utilities include applications to help you create additional partitions on your hard drive or recover lost...

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