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British Standards Institute
BSI Group

BS 7799 Introductie
BS7799 version 3 explained - BS 7799 information, guidence and resources BS7799 and BS 7799-3 Explained

BSI BS7799
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Checklist Prakijkgids
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Checklist SANS
The SANS Institute, offering computer security training for system administrators, computer security professionals, and network administrators, is a cooperative research and education organization that has many consensus projects to return computer security information to the community. SANS I...

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ISO - International Organization for Standardization

ISO 17799
ISO17799 News - Background and update on the ISO 17799 and iso 27001 security standard. The ISO17799 Newsletter: ISO 17799 News

ISO 17799 Directory
ISO 17799 Directory of services and software for ISO17799 audit, compliance, BS7799 implementation and risk analysis ISO 17799 - The Information Portal for ISO17799

ISO 17799 Directory
ISO 17799 related information, guidance, resources and software recommendations The ISO 17799 Directory.

ISO 17799 Portal
A launch pad for ISO 17799 and BS7799 information and help. Includes links to BS7799 and iso 17799 software and resources. ISO 17799 & BS7799 Portal. ISO 17799 BS7799 resources.

ISO 17799 Presentatie
ISO 17799 - A presentation of information on the ISO Security Standard (iso17799)... history, relevance, etc. ISO 17799 - What is iso17799 (the ISO Security Standard)?

ISO 17799 Toolkit
ISO17799 and ISO 27001 compliance, audit and management made easy. The ISO 17799 Toolkit The ISO17799 Toolkit: ISO 17799 and ISO 27001

NEN - Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut

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