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A Good Deal for Small Biz?
Business Week Frontier

Counting More than Cash
The success of an affiliate marketing program doesn't rest solely on profit. iMedia Connection: Counting More than Cash

Greasing e-business
Small-site owners are finding it profitable to affiliate with e-commerce titans. Affiliate programs greasing e-business | Tech News on ZDNet

Hot and Getting Hotter
Many e-commerce companies already take advantage of affiliate marketing programs, but the practice is expected to get increasing sophisticated thanks to Web services technology. Giants eBay and Amazon both have Web service initiatives in place. Affiliate Marketing Hot and Getting Hotter

New Challenges, Opportunities
Top merchants speak out on maintaining quality networks, keyword competition with publishers -- and whether affiliate programs are still worth the effort. New Challenges, Opportunities in Affiliate Marketing

Plusses and Minuses in A.M.
Affiliate programs offer greatly increased online exposure and sales, but be careful: They can also displace your firm in search engine results and dilute your brand image. Plusses and Minuses in Affiliate Marketing

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