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Fruits (Denmark)
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Standard Register (USA)
Utilizing Six Sigma methodologies and the leading digital technologies, Standard Register can help automate workflow, streamline processes and truly transform your operations to achieve greater productivity and results. Document Automation - Standard Register

Bluelinea (France)

Formsmanagement (France)
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Habitualdata (Spain)
Soluciones y servicios basados en lapiz y papel digital con tecnologia Anoto para mejorar los procesos de su empresa integrando en tiempo real la informacion recogida en papel. Provee ademas de reconocimiento de caracterers HWR basado en VisionObjects y transmision de formularios a traves de di...

In 4 Tools (Portugal)
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Phoqus (Netherlands)

Destiny (UK)

Magicomm (UK)
magicomm - make paper productive : World leaders in Digital Pen & Paper solutions

Pharmaforms (Germany)
PharmaForms prints Case Report Forms and Patient Diaries electronically: quality assured, barcoded, reliable, compliant, quick, multilingual and innovative. PharmaForms presents dotforms-CRF: paperbased EDC bridges pure EDC and pure paper merging only the best of each for optimality PharmaForms...