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The Composite design pattern lets you treat primitive and composite objects exactly the same. In his latest Java Design Patterns column, David Geary explores how to implement the Composite pattern and how to use it with the Tiles tag library from the Apache Struts application fr...

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Law of Demeter

Strategy and Decorator

SENG 609.04 Design Patterns: Iterator Pattern in Java 1.2

Patterns: The Top Ten Misconceptions

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The Proxy design pattern lets you substitute a proxy for an object. In that capacity, proxies prove useful in many situations, ranging from Web services to Swing icons. In this latest Java Design Patterns installment, David Geary explores the Proxy pattern. Take control with the...

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An object in a program frequently has an internal "state," and the behavior of the object needs to change when its state changes. For example, the acceleration characteristics of a car depend on its current RPM range -- in other words, on its "state." The State p...

What are the advantages of using the Strategy Pattern over a simple if-else-if chain or case statement? (ootips) Strategy Pattern vs. Case Statement

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