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c2pas32 - C to Pascal translater
Aston - fast, stable, secure and reliable Desktop replacement. Beautiful Themes on your Desktop. Virtual Desktop Manager for windows Aston Desktop. Program for desktop, virtual desktop, shell replacement, themes, wallpapers, skins, visual styles

Custom Containers Pack
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FreeVCS - version control
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GExperts: Programming Tools for Delphi and C++Builder

Ghost Installer
Ethalone Solutions, Inc. - High-Quality and Powerful Installer for Windows

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GpProfile - freeware profiler for Delphi. GpProfile

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Inno Setup - installer
Inno Setup

AutomatedQA: Award-winning tools for software testing, profiling, development and quality assurance. AutomatedQA - Tools for Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Oasis SE (write help files)
Webbasierte Lernprogramme

ProDelphi (meet CPU tijd)
Delphi profiler, Kylix profiler and Delphi debug terminal

Revendepro - decompiler
GGoossen - Redirect to revendepro

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