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Beyond perception
In Part One of this article, we discussed how to access the 'eyes of the soul' in order to perceive the true reality of Consciousness. In Part Two, we explore these concepts at a deeper level and look at the qualities of the soul. Resurgence Editors' Selection - BEYOND PERCEPTION by Deepak Chopra

Flaws of perception
To really understand the nature of reality, we must look through the eyes of the soul. Resurgence Issue 231 - FLAWS OF PERCEPTION by Deepak Chopra

Rebirth of the soul
Quantum physics, the greatest intellectual triumph of the 20th century, has made the spiritual worldview completely believable. Resurgence Issue 234 - REBIRTH OF THE SOUL by Deepak Chopra

The soul in love
Excerpts from The Soul in Love by Deepak Chopra.

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